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Auto Afghan

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Auto Afghan

Seed brand:
Bulk Feminized Seeds


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Description of Auto Afghan - Bulk Feminized Seeds

Auto Afghan is an autoflowering Indica native to the mountainous areas of Afghanistan. It has the blood of the original Indica strains flowing through its veins which translates into incredible vigour and excellent resin production known for its extracts and hashish. It is small, fast and bushy, producing dense and stone-hard buds. It achieves performance and properties similar to the photoperiodic version. The effect is typical Indica, a specific, relaxing hit that will leave you glued to the couch, perfect for an evening chill after a hard day. According to many, it is the best Indica autoflowering variety on the market.


Data sheet of Auto Afghan

Flowering type:Autoflowering
Strain type:Autoflowering
Indica/Sativa:90/10 %
From seeds to harvest:8 weeks
Height:40-90 cm
Harvest Indoor:400-500 g/m2
Harvest Outdoor:40-100 g/plant

General specification of Auto Afghan

Brand Bulk Feminized Seeds
Seed type
Seed type Autoflowering
Sex Feminized (100% females)
Flowering type
Flowering type Autoflowering
From seed to harvest
From seed to harvest Very short (up to 65 days)
Indica or Sativa
Indica or Sativa Mostly Indica
Height Short
Yield High
THC content
THC content High (+15%)


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