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Sherbet strains

There are marijuana varieties whose potential is inexhaustible. This rhyme created itself, yet no cannabis variety is created in a vacuum. Likewise, the Sherbet variety, which every passionate seed collector should have in their collection. Without it, it is simply incomplete.
  • Sherbet Autoflower

    Sherbet Autoflower

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  • Orange Sherbet Feminized

    Orange Sherbet Feminized

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  • Banana Sherbet Feminized

    Banana Sherbet Feminized

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  • Bubblegum Sherbet Feminized

    Bubblegum Sherbet Feminized

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Why give Sherbet strain a chance? At GanjaFarmer, we care about the diversity of the assortment, so you will find popular varieties, as well as less known ones, with enormous potential and a little less from a collector's point of view. Each is worth attention. Why also Sherbet? A bit of history – the creation of the Sherbet strain The history of the Sherbet variety began in 2011 when two passionate breeders from California, Sherbinski and Jigga, met for the first time thanks to one of the students of the kickboxing club belonging to Sherbinski. Jigga and Sherbinski caught a common flow, became friends, and started a cannabis collaboration. Jigga collected pollen from his Burmese Blackberry Kush and used it to pollinate OG Kush from Sherbinski. The hybrid that was created was named "Pink Panties", which offered tremendous potency and flavor, but yielded relatively low. Despite the unsatisfactory number of flower heads produced by the variety, Sherbinski continued to cultivate one of the Pink Panties plants in his garden. It turned out that this little plant was male and before Sherbinski could remove it from the garden, it crossed with the esteemed Thin Mint Cookies variety from Jigga. Despite Sherbinski's frustration with the unintended pollination, he decided to grow some of the seeds. From one of these seeds emerged the most sought-after strain of recent years: Sunset Sherbet. Since then, Sherbet has established its position as a variety that cannot be missing in the collection of passionate collectors and users. Genetic profile – Sherbet – indica with a mix of sativa genes Sherbet is a powerful hybrid strain that comes from two varieties Thin Mint Cookies and Pink Panties. This unique marijuana variety combines the best features of each variety from which it came. Sherbet is incredibly aromatic, grows resin like trees with moss, looks beautiful, and blesses growers in countries like the Netherlands or the Czech Republic with quite sizable yields. It is a hybrid with a predominance of indica genes in a 70 to 30 ratio. Its hybrid heritage is visible in the structure of the plant, which grows in countries with legal cultivation to medium sizes and forms large, dense buds. Its leaves are slightly longer than typically indica ones, and the flower heads are denser and slightly lighter than in the case of classic indica varieties. Sherbet buds are colorful and sticky, with bright orange hairs on dark green leaves. Medium to large size flowers of this strain are additionally covered with a frosty layer, dripping with amber resin. Sherbet – effects The typical indica effect is described by consumers as strong. Sherbet undoubtedly fits into the profile of a typical indica effect, but with a strong sativa twist. What does that mean? It causes strong body high, relaxes muscles, calms, helps deal with pain of various origins, and also puts you in a great mood. But! Just – it's about that but! It does not cause the characteristic and not necessarily liked by everyone effect of being glued to the chair. It does not cement the head, but opens it to deeper experiencing of stimuli coming from the environment. Thanks to a significant addition of sativa genes, it also does not cause excessive sleepiness. It calms and relaxes, but not at the expense of the desire to act. It is undoubtedly a strong variety, because it has a high THC content, which even reaches 24%, but quite unusual among typical indicas. Yields from this plant in countries with legal cultivation amount to up to 600 grams per square meter in indoor cultivation, while in outdoor cultivation the yield from one automatic feminized variety is even 300 grams! In full-season varieties, this number is significantly increased. At GanjaFarmer, you will find seeds of this variety intended exclusively for collector's purposes. We offer seeds from Dutch Genetics, Royal Queen Seeds, and many, many others! Welcome!

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