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Promotions in Ganja Farmer Shop

Ho Ho Ho! The holidays are just around the corner, and at Ganja Farmer, we have a special promotion for you!  Here's your chance to expand your collection with the best marijuana seed varieties at incredible discounts: 15% OFF seeds from: Barney's Farm and Ganja Farmer Seeds! Discover legendary quality and unique genetics from these esteemed producers. 10% DISCOUNT on seeds from: Bulk Feminized Seeds, Big Seedbank, Dutch Genetics, Sweet Seeds,...

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HOW TO GET A FREE SEED FROM FAST BUDS?    Do you like  Freebies ? Who doesn’t! That is why we have a special gift for you – a free seed of  Gorilla Cookies Auto  seed from  Fast Buds .   All you need to do is  spend 15€ in our shop ! You will be given a seed of this  legendary potent strain  completely for free!   Award-winning  seedbank, Fast Buds guarantee the highest quality of their seeds! Check it out now!

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This season you can not skip the very best autoflowering strains. Take an adventage of this special offer and buy Royal Queen Seeds right now! ALL AUTOFLOWERING STRAINS 50% OFF Do not hesitate – the offer lasts until the stock ends Check out

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  Buy Dutch Genetics seeds at a great price. Genes straight from the Netherlands have never been so cheap! Add seeds of the best strains to your collection.    Enjoy your shopping!   SEE THE OFFER   

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A great opportunity for all collectors who are open to new products! To each package of 3 + 1 and 5 + 2 we will add 1 seed of the famous Bruce Banner Auto! This American strongman will be a real decoration for every stamp! Enjoy your shopping!   SEE THE OFFER  

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We have a new promotion for you! For every 25€ spent in our store you will get 1 seed for free! All freebies are original seeds of top brands in original packaging straight from the manufacturer!   SEE THE OFFER  

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WE RECOMMEND SWEET SEEDS ! On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the brand, the manufacturer adds additional seeds to its packages: for packages of 3 pcs. +1 seed for free for packages of 5 pcs. + 2 seeds for free   If you are looking for very good slots, you can't get better than Sweet Seeds. In our opinion, it is the best producer of autoflowering seeds. This fact is confirmed by Sweet Seeds' position on the Spanish market....

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