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  • Afghan Autoflower
    4.9 (499)

    Afghan Autoflower

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  • White Widow Fast Version
    4.8 (269)

    White Widow Fast Version

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  • Northern Lights Feminized
    4.8 (13)

    Northern Lights Feminized

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  • Mazar Autoflower
    4.6 (14)

    Mazar Autoflower

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  • Grapefruit Autoflower
    4.6 (136)

    Grapefruit Autoflower

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  • Mazar Regular
    4.8 (173)

    Mazar Regular

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  • White Russian Fast Version
    4.9 (384)

    White Russian Fast Version

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  • OG Kush Feminized
    4.9 (57)

    OG Kush Feminized

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  • OG Kush Fast Version
    4.8 (346)

    OG Kush Fast Version

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  • Super Skunk Feminized
    4.8 (249)

    Super Skunk Feminized

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  • Cherry AK Feminized

    Cherry AK Feminized

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  • Forbidden Fruit Feminized

    Forbidden Fruit Feminized

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  • Grandaddy Purple  Fast Version
    4.5 (35)

    Grandaddy Purple Fast...

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  • Skywalker OG Feminized
    4.7 (44)

    Skywalker OG Feminized

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  • Sweet Tooth Feminized

    Sweet Tooth Feminized

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  • Northern Lights F1 Auto
    4.7 (7)

    Northern Lights F1 Auto

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  • Candyland Feminized 3+1 / 5+2

    Candyland Feminized

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  • Green Poison Feminized 3+1 / 5+2

    Green Poison Feminized

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  • Khalifa Kush Feminized 3+1 / 5+2
    4.5 (2)

    Khalifa Kush Feminized

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  • Biscotti Mintz Feminized
    5.0 (2)

    Biscotti Mintz Feminized

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  • Sunset Sherbet Feminized

    Sunset Sherbet Feminized

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  • Blue Cheese Autoflower
    4.0 (2)

    Blue Cheese Autoflower

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  • Blueberry Regular

    Blueberry Regular

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  • Critical Kush Feminized
    4.8 (5)

    Critical Kush Feminized

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  • LSD Autoflower

    LSD Autoflower

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  • Peyote Cookies Feminized

    Peyote Cookies Feminized

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  • Critical Mass Feminized

    Critical Mass Feminized

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  • Pineapple Chunk Feminized
    5.0 (1)

    Pineapple Chunk Feminized

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  • Shiskaberry Feminized
    5.0 (1)

    Shiskaberry Feminized

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  • Skywalker Autoflower

    Skywalker Autoflower

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  • Apple Fritter Feminized

    Apple Fritter Feminized

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  • Apple Fritter Autoflower

    Apple Fritter Autoflower

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  • Gusher Feminized

    Gusher Feminized

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  • BlackBerry Autoflower
    4.3 (3)

    BlackBerry Autoflower

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  • Blueberry Feminized

    Blueberry Feminized

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  • Mazar Feminized

    Mazar Feminized

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  • Cherry Pie Feminized

    Cherry Pie Feminized

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  • Lemon Kush F1 Feminized
    4.8 (4)

    Lemon Kush F1 Feminized

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  • Blackberry Moonrocks Autoflower
    5.0 (3)

    Blackberry Moonrocks...

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  • Crystal Feminized
    5.0 (1)

    Crystal Feminized

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  • Green Crack  Autoflower
    5.0 (3)

    Green Crack Autoflower

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  • LSD Feminized
    5.0 (3)

    LSD Feminized

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  • Purple Lemonade Feminized
    4.0 (1)

    Purple Lemonade Feminized

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  • Larry OG Feminized
    4.5 (2)

    Larry OG Feminized

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  • White Russian F1 Feminized
    5.0 (1)

    White Russian F1 Feminized

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  • Big Bud Fast Version

    Big Bud Fast Version

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  • Black Domina Regular

    Black Domina Regular

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  • Black Domina Fast Version

    Black Domina Fast Version

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  • Maple Leaf Feminized

    Maple Leaf Feminized

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  • Somango Autoflower

    Somango Autoflower

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  • Chocolate Kush Feminized

    Chocolate Kush Feminized

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  • Great White Shark Feminized

    Great White Shark Feminized

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  • Super Critical Feminized

    Super Critical Feminized

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  • Black Sugar Feminized
    5.0 (1)

    Black Sugar Feminized

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  • Sugar Black Rose Regular

    Sugar Black Rose Regular

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  • Alaskan Purple Feminized

    Alaskan Purple Feminized

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  • Aurora Indica Autoflower

    Aurora Indica Autoflower

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  • Aurora Indica Feminized

    Aurora Indica Feminized

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  • Afghan Kush Feminized

    Afghan Kush Feminized

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  • Great White Shark Regular

    Great White Shark Regular

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  • Mazar x Blueberry Feminized

    Mazar x Blueberry Feminized

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  • Candy Kush Feminized

    Candy Kush Feminized

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  • 24k Gold Feminized

    24k Gold Feminized

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  • Kushberry Feminized

    Kushberry Feminized

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  • Blue Monkey Feminized

    Blue Monkey Feminized

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  • 9 Pound Hammer Feminized

    9 Pound Hammer Feminized

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  • Lava Cake Feminized

    Lava Cake Feminized

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  • Big Bud Feminized

    Big Bud Feminized

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  • Black Widow Feminized

    Black Widow Feminized

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  • Great White Shark Autoflower

    Great White Shark Autoflower

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  • MK Ultra Feminized

    MK Ultra Feminized

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  • Animal Mints Feminized

    Animal Mints Feminized

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  • Lavender Feminized

    Lavender Feminized

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  • Somango Feminized

    Somango Feminized

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  • Master Kush Regular

    Master Kush Regular

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  • Snow White Feminized

    Snow White Feminized

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  • Skunk1 Autoflower

    Skunk1 Autoflower

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Many marijuana users, whether they smoke it or consume it as an edible, prefer indica strains over sativa. But why is this? Let’s talk about few of most important reasons. Indica strains typically induce deep relaxation not just physically but also mentally. Many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy getting "glued to the couch," watching a favorite movie while enjoying their preferred indica strain. Others use it as a pain reliever, sleep aid, and even to help with various inflammations. However, indica is primarily used for recreational purposes.

At GanjaFarmer, we have an extensive selection of indica seeds for sale – from legendary strains to lesser-known gems, from popular varieties to totally original creations that are almost synonymous with marijuana, and even some so novel they'll truly blow your mind. But first, what exactly are indica seeds? What are their characteristics? What makes them so special?

Indica Marijuana Seeds – What Do You Need To Know About Them?

Indica weed seeds spring forth with Cannabis indica. It's important to note that among biologists, there is only one species called Cannabis sativa, and indica is considered just a subspecies of it. However, in the world of marijuana enthusiasts, it's crucial to treat this subspecies differently. They look different, grow differently, and most importantly – they have different effects on the human body when smoked or ingested.

At GanjaFarmer, you’ll find some of the finest indica marijuana seeds available. What can you expect when you plant an indica seed? The characteristics of cannabis indica plants?

  • Height – Whether you choose autoflowering or photoperiod strains, you’ll generally get shorter plants. The typical height of autoflowering indica strains is between 1–4 feet. Photoperiod varieties grow a bit taller, but they rarely exceed 6 feet 7 inches.

  • Leaves – The leaves of an indica strain are short and wide.

  • Buds – They tend to be heavier, denser, and full of THC-rich resin.

  • Branches – They do not spread out widely and stay closer to each other, making the plant appear more bulky, short, but stable.

Why do they look like that? Where do they come from? Cannabis indica is a plant that has been growing in harsher conditions, originally in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and possibly even Tibet. As a result, these plants are shorter, denser, and less branchy but more potent in some ways. How do they affect the organism of marijuana user?

  • Body High – Indica strains work wonders on the human body. They deeply relax your muscles, whether tired or not, relieve pain, help you unwind, and are among the best sleeping aids available. For some, an effect known as "couch-lock" is something they actively seek out. Watching your favorite movie while glued to the armchair? Why not!

  • Psychedelic Effects – These are very mild and won’t make you feel out of this world. However, when you listen to music, watch a movie, or walk among trees in a park or forest, you may find these experiences more vivid. You might deeply engage with them, feel connected to the world, and be fully immersed in your thoughts and surroundings.

  • Anti-inflammation Effects – Indica strains could help with inflammation issues. Do you have joint pain or sore muscles? Does your physically demanding job stress your body? These strains can offer some relief.

  • Appetite Stimulation – This is a legendary effect of marijuana in general, but especially with indica strains; it intensifies hunger, enhancing the flavors of foods like ice cream, burgers, or even a simple vegetable salad. Even water might taste better than wine!

  • Stress Relief – Indica strains are known for their ability to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

  • Nausea Reduction – These strains are often used medically to help reduce nausea and stimulate appetite in patients undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy.

  • Mood Elevation – While primarily known for relaxation, indica can also help lift moods and create a sense of well-being, making it suitable for those dealing with depression.

Where to buy indica seeds in the USA (we are talking about these states that permit buying and possessing cannabis seeds and marijuana cultivation, of course)? You are at right places! Here’s what we got at GanjaFarmer!

Buy Indica Seeds Online At GanjaFarmer! Here’s Our Catalog

What kinds of indica seeds will you find at GanjaFarmer? Regular and feminized, autoflowering and photoperiod, strains suitable for beginners – easy to grow, and others more suitable for experienced farmers. Whether you're looking for strong or mellow varieties– you name it, we have it!

Among our most popular varieties of indica cannabis seeds are:

  • Northern Lights

  • White Widow

  • Afghan

  • Mazar

  • OG Kush

  • Super Skunk

  • Blue Cheese

  • Critical Kush

  • 9 Pound Hammer

  • and many more!

Seeds available at GanjaFarmer come from very popular and well known seed banks in the world. Just to name a few:

  • Dutch Genetics

  • Barney’s Farm

  • Dutch Passion

  • FastBuds

  • Delicious Seeds

  • World of Seeds

  • Kalashnikov-Seeds

  • and many other wonderful brands with a great history in the marijuana market.

At GanjaFarmer, we pride ourselves on offering a rich selection of indica seeds that cater to every cultivator's needs, from the greenest beginners to the most seasoned veterans. Our collection spans the spectrum from the deeply relaxing Northern Lights to the robust and hearty Afghan, ensuring that every grower finds their perfect match. Dive into our catalog and discover the ideal strain that promises not only to enrich your gardening experience, but also to enhance your personal or medicinal use, all within the legal comforts of your state.

We at GanjaFarmer understand the diverse preferences and requirements of our customers across the states where cannabis cultivation is legal. Our seeds come from the world’s top seed banks, offering unparalleled quality and genetic diversity. Whether you’re aiming to explore the soothing effects of White Widow or the potent relief offered by OG Kush, our carefully curated selections are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, ensuring your growing success and personal satisfaction!

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