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Cannabis seeds

Welcome to GanjaFarmer! Whether you're a complete newbie to the wonderful world of cannabis, an avid collector, a passionate grower, or someone who's been in the hemp scene for years, you'll feel right at home in our store. Here, you'll find an incredibly vast selection of marijuana seeds from every corner of the globe!


Types of Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seed Brands

Cannabis Strains


  • Black Afghan Autoflower
    4.8 (70)

    Black Afghan Autoflower

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  • Amnesia Haze Autoflower
    5.0 (10)

    Amnesia Haze Autoflower

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  • Blackberry Moonrocks Autoflower
    5.0 (3)

    Blackberry Moonrocks...

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  • Forbidden Fruit Autoflower

    Forbidden Fruit Autoflower

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  • White Widow Autoflower

    White Widow Autoflower

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  • 24k Gold Feminized

    24k Gold Feminized

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  • Amnesia Lemon Feminized
    4.8 (26)

    Amnesia Lemon Feminized

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  • Banana Zkittlez Feminized

    Banana Zkittlez Feminized

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  • Cereal Milk Feminized

    Cereal Milk Feminized

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Fast Version

  • AK 47 Fast Version
    4.7 (122)

    AK 47 Fast Version

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  • Grandaddy Purple  Fast Version
    4.5 (35)

    Grandaddy Purple Fast...

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  • Jack Herer Fast Version
    4.8 (169)

    Jack Herer Fast Version

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  • Lemon Haze Fast Version
    4.8 (54)

    Lemon Haze Fast Version

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Regular or Feminized Weed Seeds? Autoflowering? Photoperiod? Fast Version? In GanjaFarmer We Have Them All!

Wondering where to buy cannabis seeds? Want to be sure the seed bank you visit has everything you need, and even things you didn't know you needed? Look no further, because at GanjaFarmer, we've got every type of seed that will sprout and reward you with the sweetest of crops!

Here’s what you can find within our comprehensive catalog of weed seeds (USA – only for buyers from states that permits to buy cannabis seeds and growing marijuana plants!):

In short – you'll find everything a dedicated grower needs!

Regular And Feminized Marijuana Seeds For Sale – GanjaFarmer!

When you buy feminized cannabis seeds, 99.9% of the time, you will get a female plant. Only female marijuana plants produce buds that contain a high concentration of THC, which is what all weed growers and users desire

Now, does that mean that regular seeds are inferior, bad, or undesirable? Not at all! Without male plants, crossbreeding would be impossible. Male plants develop pollen sacs that open at just the right time. The pollen is released into the air and caught by stigmas that protrude from the flower pistils, which resemble hair. When these stigmas capture pollen, the result is that the male plant pollinates the female plant, enabling it to produce seeds with both male and female genetics. Thus, a new strain is born!

You'll find both regular and feminized seeds in our seed bank, each offering its own benefits. You might be surprised to learn about the advantages of using regular seeds:

  • Regular seeds also produce female plants, with a 50% chance of occurrence. However, these plants are very resistant to diseases and even pests. They also yield a higher harvest.
  • You can use regular seeds to crossbreed strains in your own unique way—creating entirely new varieties with genetics designed by you!
  • Without these seeds, many companies would not be able to develop new strains and, consequently, operate their businesses at the highest level.

Now, let’s get back to definitely more popular cannabis seeds, the feminized ones. The main characteristics of these types of seeds are:

  • Nearly certain to yield female plants that produce buds.
  • Easy to cultivate without the hassle of identifying male plants.
  • You can cultivate them indoors but also outdoors.
  • Dependable genetic quality.
  • Optimal strength and fragrance.

Regular or feminized? You’ll find every type of seeds in our shop. Genetics? Indicas, sativas, hybrids – we have them all!

Autoflowering Or Photoperiod? Cannabis Seeds Online – GanjaFarmer!

In our seed bank, you'll find both autoflowering and photoperiod strains, including fast versions. At GanjaFarmer, we offer legendary varieties of each category. Let's begin with the autoflowering ones.

Autoflowering strains, true to their name, flower autonomously after reaching maturity. They don’t need changes in lighting to begin the process of flowering. This typically occurs when the plant is 8–12 weeks old, although it can happen a bit earlier or later, often varying by a week for specific varieties.

You can plant autoflowering seeds outdoors or indoors, but they are not recommended for beginners. They are somewhat more challenging to grow because they mature quickly, therefore are more sensitive to changes in soil pH, lighting, weather conditions, and dryness. These plants are generally short, do not grow very tall, and yield less, but their growth rate can be extremely fast compared to full-season (photoperiod) strains.

Photoperiod strains are essentially divided into two categories – full-season photoperiod strains and fast version photoperiod strains. The former, in countries with temperate climates, are usually placed in the soil in May and cut down in September or October. Their growth period spans about 16 weeks, or roughly four months, sometimes longer.

The latter, often referred to as semi-autos, flower 2-3 weeks earlier than their standard, full-season counterparts. They are hybrids of full-season and photoperiod strains but still require a change in light cycles to trigger flowering. These strains are predominantly used in outdoor cultivation and less frequently in indoor cultivation, particularly in countries where the climate does not support their full growth and flowering.

Genetics – Indicas, Sativas, Hybrid Cannabis Seeds and CBD–rich Strains

Are you an indica enthusiast, or do you lean towards sativa? Or perhaps you're looking to buy seeds that showcase the genetic advantages of each type of marijuana? Each type presents unique traits and a distinct appearance. Sativas grow tall and branched, while indicas are more compact with denser buds.

Sativas stimulate, while indicas can deeply relax you, even causing what’s often referred to as "couch-lock." Meanwhile, hybrids maintain a balanced effect profile or may favor one type over the other—either indica or sativa. At GanjaFarmer, you’ll find seeds from all these varieties, and there’s more!

We also offer seeds for strains that are predominantly high in CBD and low in THC. These varieties are frequently chosen by those seeking to utilize CBD for enhancing wellness, pain relief, improving sleep, or for its anti-inflammatory properties.

As you can see, GanjaFarmer is a thoroughly stocked seed bank. We invite you to explore our selection, and we are sure that you will find every strain you’re looking for!

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