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Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Here is a collection of the best cannabis seeds in the Outdoor category. We present carefully selected and tested marijuana seeds from the best producers that every collector should have in their lineup.

The varieties in this category are a nod to collectors who appreciate the high quality of the genetic pool from the fastest and most resistant photoperiod strains. Choosing varieties from this category ensures that your collection will be spot on.
  • Early Skunk Fast Version
    4.9 (684)

    Early Skunk Fast Version

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  • Critical + Feminized
    4.8 (125)

    Critical + Feminized

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  • Gorilla Glue  Fast Version
    4.9 (178)

    Gorilla Glue Fast Version

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  • Jack Herer Fast Version
    4.8 (169)

    Jack Herer Fast Version

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  • Lemon Haze Fast Version
    4.8 (54)

    Lemon Haze Fast Version

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  • OG Kush Fast Version
    4.8 (346)

    OG Kush Fast Version

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  • Super Skunk Feminized
    4.8 (249)

    Super Skunk Feminized

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  • Amnesia Fast Version
    4.7 (45)

    Amnesia Fast Version

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  • Amnesia Lemon Fast Version
    4.8 (55)

    Amnesia Lemon Fast Version

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  • Bruce Banner Fast Version
    4.7 (51)

    Bruce Banner Fast Version

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  • Purple Punch Feminized
    4.7 (77)

    Purple Punch Feminized

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  • AK 47 Fast Version
    4.7 (122)

    AK 47 Fast Version

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  • Green Poison Feminized 3+1 / 5+2

    Green Poison Feminized

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  • Critical Fast Version
    4.7 (88)

    Critical Fast Version

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  • Do-Si-Dos Fast Version
    4.8 (28)

    Do-Si-Dos Fast Version

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  • Early Skunk Feminized
    4.6 (64)

    Early Skunk Feminized

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  • Girl Scout Cookies Fast Version
    4.8 (39)

    Girl Scout Cookies Fast...

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  • Grandaddy Purple  Fast Version
    4.5 (35)

    Grandaddy Purple Fast...

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  • Strawberry Banana Feminized
    4.8 (37)

    Strawberry Banana Feminized

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  • Afghani F1 Auto
    4.8 (91)

    Afghani F1 Auto

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  • Candy Kush Fast Version
    5.0 (3)

    Candy Kush Fast Version

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  • Grapefruit Regular

    Grapefruit Regular

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  • Exodus Cheese Feminized

    Exodus Cheese Feminized

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  • Jamaican Feminized
    5.0 (1)

    Jamaican Feminized

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What are outdoor marijuana seeds?

Outdoor marijuana seeds have many advantages compared to seeds obtained from greenhouse or indoor cultivation. First of all, seeds obtained from outdoor cultivation pass on genetic information about the conditions in which the plants developed to the next generations. This phenomenon means that the marijuana bushes growing from them will always be better adapted to the prevailing outdoor conditions. This is why Dutch varieties, which have been cultivated in the wet and cool climate of this country for years, are so popular among collectors. Collectors gathering seeds from all over the world particularly appreciate this type of seed because they are unique in terms of genetic material and are becoming increasingly rare.
Already in the 1980s, the Dutch developed several strains that could thrive outdoors, even though they originated from species from much warmer parts of the globe. Shaman, Passion #1, and Hollands Hope are classics that need no introduction to older seed collectors. Years of proper breeding, the right selection of varieties, and the impact of local weather conditions resulted in the creation of these few famous outdoor cultivated varieties and an entire line of excellent outdoor seeds.
We have outdoor seeds for every level, so beginners and experts will find what they need in our catalog.

Top Five Outdoor Seeds

The variety of strains makes choosing just five quite difficult. To simplify matters, we look at specific properties.
  • Early Skunk 2.0 - a top product in our collection, valued throughout Europe. Feminized seeds created from a combination of Early Skunk and Skunk Auto. It is not tall, but produces huge amounts of hard and thick buds. Grows quickly and effortlessly. Cannabis seeds resistant to mold and diseases.

  • Northern Passion 2.0 - an improved version of the variety with an excellent reputation among marijuana seed collectors. Fast and productive. It has an intense effect - THC level can be as high as 20%.

  • Passion #1 - characterized by high yields and can grow to considerable sizes. It has a relaxing and calming effect as befits a pure Indica.

  • Amnesia Lemon Fast Version - the citrus taste and scent distinguish this fast variety of seeds. Repeatedly awarded by collectors.

  • Serious 6 - a medium plant with a Christmas tree structure, produces a large yield. Has an euphoric effect, uplifting the spirit.

  • Feminized outdoor cannabis seeds - what is the average flowering time?

    Depending on the variety of outdoor seeds, the flowering time can vary. Most ordinary and feminized outdoor varieties have a flowering time of about 6-10 weeks. The length of flowering also depends on the amount of sunlight. The less sunlight there is, the longer the flowering time of cannabis outdoors can be.

    When do outdoor seeds start flowering?

    Classic outdoor varieties are those that flower in response to the photoperiod. They are often called full-season varieties, and what distinguishes them from automatics is the way and time they start flowering. Outdoor seeds begin flowering between July and September due to the approaching autumn. Each variety starts flowering individually and it is encoded in its genetic code.

    Outdoor seeds vs indoor seeds

    The basic difference between outdoor and indoor seeds is the environment in which they are grown. Outdoor seeds are obtained from plants growing outdoors. In contrast, indoor seeds are grains taken from plants grown inside, indoors. This is very important information for seed collectors who like to know exactly what species they have in their collections. The main difference between outdoor and indoor marijuana varieties is their resistance to the conditions to which the plants are accustomed. Outdoor-grown seeds cope in all conditions, are simply stronger, more resistant, and mature faster. As for indoor seeds obtained from indoor cultivations, these are often exquisite and better-quality strains of top marijuana but they are accustomed to specific conditions and a special environment. Those who collect seeds treat the division into indoor and outdoor varieties as a basic classification that distinguishes marijuana varieties.

    Can every marijuana variety be grown outdoors?

    Among those interested in collecting seeds, a common question is whether every marijuana variety can grow outdoors? The answer is both yes and no. To some extent, every Indian hemp plant, even the most exotic, can grow outdoors. The Earth is vast and has various conditions. Even the most refined species originate from plants growing naturally outdoors. Collectors buying seeds to expand their private seedbank meticulously check each description of the purchased marijuana seed variety to be sure of what strain they possess. Remember that by outdoor seeds, we mean only those grains accustomed to cool weather conditions.

    Outdoor seeds - Indica or Sativa?

    Many marijuana seed collectors wonder which species to choose? Indica or Sativa? If you want to expand your collection with outdoor seeds, you should definitely opt for both types. Both Sativa and Indica enthusiasts will find suitable types here. Until the early 1980s, this was not possible. In the outdoor seed offerings, only Cannabis Indica species were generally available. Indica flowers faster, even in 8 weeks. Naturally, many wonderful indicas cover the territories of today's Pakistan or Afghanistan where, despite the warm summers, winters can be very harsh. Therefore, these varieties were best suited for the first breeding crosses that resulted in the creation of such wonderful varieties as Amstel Gold (today's Passion #1) or the already legendary Hollands Hope. The latter was a response to the ailments of the then Dutch breeders and, as the name suggests, brought them hope for better yields.

    Which sativa for outdoor?

    Stabilizing tropical Sativas and adapting them to the cold Dutch conditions was quite a challenge. It was only achieved after many years of targeted breeding with the Durban Poison species, which unfortunately lost some of its exotic character but adapted to the conditions of a short summer and cool autumn. This was a real breakthrough. Today, this problem no longer exists. Thanks to many crosses with autoflowering cannabis, species such as Fast Amnesia 47, Lemon Haze Fast Version, and Outdoor Jack Herer have been obtained, which are true Sativas and are ideally suited for collectors of outdoor marijuana seeds.

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