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Tangerine strains

Tangerine is a word that comes from English, but does not sound too English. In the past, tangerines were imported to Great Britain from the port in Tangier, thus from Morocco. Hence the word tangerine, i.e., mandarin. A certain cannabis strain, or rather a family of strains, was named this way because of its amazing taste and scent properties.
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Where did this strain come from? What is its history? How can it be characterized and why should you have such strains in your collection? What kind of Tangerine Weed seeds can you buy at GanjaFarmer? Check! Where does Tangerine Weed come from? The history of this strain begins from the cross of strains G13, Afghani, and Neville’s A5 Haze, which produced Tangerine Dream. This variety has been showered with numerous awards, and its users emphasize the extraordinary taste and scent of the strain, which can be compared to the scent of citrus, mainly tangerines. This is a variety whose genetics are predominantly sativa. Indica genes are about 30%, the rest is sativa. The varieties from which Tangerine Dream was created, i.e., G13, Afghani, and Neville’s A5 Haze also have an interesting history. Suffice it to say that G13 is considered a variety produced in a military laboratory in Mississippi, in the United States. Scent and taste? How is that? Doesn’t smoke just taste like smoke? Users from many countries emphasize that not in the case of this strain! It settles on the palate and tastes like tangerines. To such an extent that the whole strain was named that way. Terpenes responsible for the taste and scent of this variety are probably myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Since then, Tangerine Dream has been crossed with many other varieties, giving birth to extremely interesting, aromatic, and tasty varieties. What varieties can you find at Ganja Farmer? Tangerine Weed – strains we offer at GanjaFarmer Among the varieties you will find in this category of collectible cannabis seeds are, among others: Tangerine Dream and Tangerine Dream Auto from Barney’s Farm; Tangie Auto from Fast Buds; Tangie from Dutch Genetics; 24k Gold from DNA Genetics; Tangerine Kush from Exotic Seeds We sell for collector's purposes both automatically flowering varieties and seeds of full-season varieties. Strength of Tangerine Weed varieties and their effects Most varieties that have the word Tangerine or Tangie in the name are characterized by a THC content of 20%. We are talking, of course, about plants grown in countries with legal cultivation. We provide this knowledge from foreign, mainly English-speaking portals and only for informational purposes. So, Tangerine Weed varieties are quite strong varieties. Varieties are known for their unique and truly diverse effects – users usually enjoy a very pleasant physical high, but not without a period of intense euphoria. The effects are therefore as follows: pleasant body high relaxing the body; intensification of stimuli reaching the user from the environment; increased pleasure during listening to music or watching movies; cheerfulness and a sense of joy; increased creativity; stimulation and willingness to act; pleasure from communing with nature; slight increase in appetite and immense pleasure during eating. Tangerine Weed and the issue of yields In addition to Tangerine Weed being very aromatic and tasty varieties, growers from such countries as the Netherlands or the Czech Republic, i.e., countries with legal cultivation, are blessed with sizable yields. Tangerine Dream from Barney’s Farm, which we have for sale, and which you can have in your collection, provides a yield of even up to 800 grams from one plant grown outdoors. Such seeds are worth collecting, to be able to boast a beautiful collection of Tangerine Weed! Other varieties available in our offer are not inferior to the previously mentioned one. Even automatic versions such as Tangerine Auto can provide yields of several hundred grams to growers from countries with legal cultivation. Do you want to expand your collection with interesting varieties? Browse this category of Tangerine Weed seeds, which we have prepared for you!

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