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Medical Marijuana

Hemp is a species whose diversity is evident at every turn. The diversity and universality or versatility of applications.
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For centuries, fiber hemp has been used to create ropes, cords, and strings. Nowadays, hemp rich in active ingredients such as CBD is increasingly used to aid in the fight against various ailments.

Research on CBD and other cannabinoids naturally occurring in hemp proves that these components have therapeutic effects for many conditions. At GanjaFarmer, you can find hemp seeds from which, in countries where cultivation is legal, plants rich in CBD grow.

We also remind you that the seeds in our assortment are intended exclusively for collector's purposes. Even if a given seed is a variety that grows a plant almost devoid of THC, and rich only in CBD, it cannot be cultivated without the appropriate permissions, so we emphasize once again – our offer is directed exclusively to passionate collectors!

Medical Marijuana Seeds – A Word About CBD

From medical marijuana seeds in countries such as the Netherlands or some states in the USA (California, Oregon), plants grow that are rich not only in THC but also in CBD. This active ingredient is used by many pharmaceutical entities and dietary supplement producers. Why?
CBD has a range of applications, just like THC and other cannabinoids naturally occurring in hemp. These include:

  • alleviating pain from various sources (headaches, menstrual pains, rheumatic pain, aiding the fight against pain resulting from arthritis, easing muscle and joint pain);

  • facilitating sleep and improving sleep quality (combating insomnia, night awakenings, night anxieties, sleep paralysis, and other sleep disorders);

  • aid in the fight against anxiety disorders, and even supporting the treatment of depressive states;

  • mitigating the side effects of chemotherapy and many other pharmacological therapies.

  • All the above uses of CBD have been extensively described, but research is still ongoing. Many scientists look to the future of this active ingredient with hope, as it gains popularity, and not without reason. It is exceptionally versatile and works in multiple aspects.

    So, as a passionate collector, should you supplement your collection of seeds with seeds from strains described as medical? Definitely! They should not be missing in your collection. Look at what strains and varieties you can find at Ganja Farmer!

    Medical Marijuana Seeds – What You Will Find at Ganja Farmer?

    We offer various seeds of strains rich in CBD. Our assortment includes seeds from both indica and sativa types, as well as a range of interesting hybrids. Also with a mix of genes from cannabis ruderalis, i.e., wild hemp. They are known primarily for their resistance to external conditions, as they live in often unfavorable environments, enduring all sorts of adversities – whether diseases, excess moisture, or its periodic deficiency.

    In countries where cultivation is legal, the seeds available in our assortment grow into plants with varying ratios of CBD to other active ingredients. The seeds from our store are sold by us exclusively for collector's purposes, and the information we provide about specific varieties is purely informational.

    Check the ratio of CBD to other active ingredients. Just enter the description of a specific variety to obtain information on this topic and other knowledge about the specific strain.

    Ganja Farmer – we warmly welcome you!

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