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Regular Cannabis seeds

  • Candy Kush Regular

    Candy Kush Regular

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  • Chemdog 4 Regular

    Chemdog 4 Regular

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  • Wedding Cake Regular

    Wedding Cake Regular

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  • Triangle Kush Regular

    Triangle Kush Regular

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  • Tangie Kush Regular

    Tangie Kush Regular

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  • Sweet Tooth Regular

    Sweet Tooth Regular

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  • Stardawg Regular

    Stardawg Regular

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  • Star Killer Regular

    Star Killer Regular

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  • Somango Regular

    Somango Regular

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  • Scott's Og Regular

    Scott's Og Regular

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  • San Fernando Valey Regular

    San Fernando Valey Regular

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  • Rainbow Chips Regular

    Rainbow Chips Regular

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  • Purple Thai Regular

    Purple Thai Regular

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  • Pineapple Skunk Regular

    Pineapple Skunk Regular

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  • Papas Candy Regular

    Papas Candy Regular

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  • Mochalope  Regular

    Mochalope  Regular

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  • MAC1 Regular

    MAC1 Regular

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  • Kush Mints Regular

    Kush Mints Regular

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  • Jelly Bean  Regular

    Jelly Bean  Regular

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  • Hindu Kush Regular

    Hindu Kush Regular

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  • Grandaddy Purple Regular

    Grandaddy Purple Regular

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  • Gorilla Lemon Fire Regular

    Gorilla Lemon Fire Regular

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  • God Bud  Regular

    God Bud  Regular

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  • Do-Si-Dos Regular

    Do-Si-Dos Regular

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  • Critical Purple Regular

    Critical Purple Regular

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  • Colombian Gold Regular

    Colombian Gold Regular

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  • Cindy 99 Regular

    Cindy 99 Regular

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  • Chocolope Kush Regular

    Chocolope Kush Regular

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  • Chocolope Regular

    Chocolope Regular

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  • Cement Shoes Regular

    Cement Shoes Regular

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  • Candy Punch Regular

    Candy Punch Regular

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  • Cake Bomb Regular

    Cake Bomb Regular

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  • Blue Og Regular

    Blue Og Regular

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  • BC God Bud Regular

    BC God Bud Regular

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  • Amnesia Lemon Regular

    Amnesia Lemon Regular

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  • Alien Technology Regular

    Alien Technology Regular

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  • Alien Gorilla Glue Regular

    Alien Gorilla Glue Regular

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  • Afghan Hash Plant Regular

    Afghan Hash Plant Regular

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  • 24K Gold Regular

    24K Gold Regular

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  • Agent Orange Regular

    Agent Orange Regular

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  • Critical Regular

    Critical Regular

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  • Pineapple Haze Feminized

    Pineapple Haze Feminized

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  • Mango Kush Feminized

    Mango Kush Feminized

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  • Durban Poison Fast Version

    Durban Poison Fast Version

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  • Skunk Regular

    Skunk Regular

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  • Black Domina Fast Version

    Black Domina Fast Version

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  • Maple Leaf Feminized

    Maple Leaf Feminized

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  • AK-48  Feminized

    AK-48 Feminized

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  • Aurora Indica Feminized

    Aurora Indica Feminized

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  • Sour Diesel Regular

    Sour Diesel Regular

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  • Cinderella 99 Feminized

    Cinderella 99 Feminized

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  • Alien OG Regular

    Alien OG Regular

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  • 9 Pound Hammer Feminized

    9 Pound Hammer Feminized

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  • Lavender Feminized

    Lavender Feminized

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  • Diesel Regular

    Diesel Regular

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  • Birthday Cake Feminized

    Birthday Cake Feminized

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  • White Widow Regular

    White Widow Regular

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Regular seeds! Many marijuana growers are wary of them. Is this fear justified? We don't think so! Are they more demanding? Certainly! Do they often surprise cannabis enthusiasts with male plants? Absolutely! They are regular seeds, after all. But at GanjaFarmer, we know these types of seeds offer many wonderful benefits for those who are willing to explore them!

If you're in the market for regular seeds, GanjaFarmer is the perfect place! At our seed bank, you'll discover a vast array of amazing regular marijuana seeds. What do we offer? What exactly are regular cannabis seeds? Why should you consider buying them, and what benefits can they provide?

Regular Weed Seeds – What Are They?

Here’s what you need to know about regular cannabis seeds: They sprout both male and female marijuana plants, with a 50% chance of getting a female. It's essentially a lottery to obtain THC-rich plants from regular seeds. But what happens when you do? Are female marijuana plants from regular seeds any different from those from feminized ones? Yes, slightly. Here’s how:

  • Female marijuana plants from regular seeds are much more resilient to diseases. They resist mold attacks, don't dry out quickly without water for a few days, and are mechanically stronger.

  • They grow taller and often provide larger yields, bigger buds, and stronger ones too!

  • The THC levels in regular plants are, as mentioned, considerably higher than those from feminized ones.

  • Another point worth mentioning is this: these plants handle stress incredibly well. They can recover from damage caused by animals, such as deer bites.

We have many kinds of regular seeds at GanjaFarmer, and we value them highly!

Are regular marijuana seeds popular among amateur growers? Not particularly, but experienced growers are very passionate about them. And for good reason! Without regular seeds, crossbreeding is impossible. Not everyone wants to grow strains so popular they are almost synonymous with marijuana itself. Many people enjoy crossbreeding different strains to create unique plants not seen before. How is this possible?

Buy Regular Cannabis Seeds At GanjaFarmer And Crossbreed!

What you need to know about regular cannabis seeds is this: you will need them if you want to breed new strains of marijuana. These seeds are unaltered by humans, not feminized, so they are 100% natural and produce both male and female plants. Male plants produce pollen sacs, while female ones bloom with flowers.

When the time is right, male plants release pollen from their pollen sacs, which is then caught by stigmas protruding from the flower pistils. Pollination occurs, allowing a female plant to produce seeds that contain both male and female genetics. A new strain is born. This was the method used before the 1990s when the technique to create feminized seeds was discovered. Before then, every grower, whether amateur or professional, planted regular seeds.

Are you interested in cultivating marijuana naturally? Do you want to breed new strains? Are you aiming to achieve the best results with female plants from regular seeds? Our catalog of regular cannabis seeds will surely piqué your interest!

Regular Cannabis Seeds For Sale – What Do We Offer At GanjaFarmer?

You're probably wondering about the types of regular seeds we have available. That is, which strains you will find in our catalog. Here are a few examples of our finest regular cannabis seeds:

  • Critical Kush from Barney’s Farm (pure indica, big yield, physically relaxing)

  • Durban Poison Fast Version from Dutch Passion (sativa genetics, big yield, psychedelic and relaxing effects)

  • Skunk Regular from the same brand (sativa, mild effects, medium THC levels)

  • Black Domina Fast Version

  • Sour Diesel

  • Alien OG Regular and many, many more!

If you are primarily growing marijuana for its buds, remember to purchase extra seeds. With a 50/50 chance of getting male or female plants, you could end up with 10 females from 10 regular seeds or as few as 3, with the rest being male. To account for this variability, it's wise to prepare for such outcomes by purchasing more seeds.

Regular Cannabis Seeds = cheaper products!

Regular seeds are considerably cheaper than the feminized ones. Why? Regular seeds cost less to produce, so you’ll pay less buying them. With lower initial expenses, many growers opt for these seeds for economic reasons. Since growing outdoors utilizes the sun's energy, the savings on lighting further underscore the cost-effectiveness of choosing regular seeds.

The versatility of regular seeds allows for traditional breeding practices, offering opportunities to develop unique strains. This can be particularly appealing to experienced cultivators who enjoy experimenting with genetics. Moreover, the potential to produce robust and genetically diverse plants makes regular seeds an attractive option for long-term cultivation projects.

GanjaFarmer – Regular Seeds For Beginners Or Experienced growers?

At GanjaFarmer, we understand that regular seeds represent a significant part of cannabis history and cultivation. These seeds are essential for those interested in the fundamentals of cannabis genetics and natural plant behavior. Regular seeds offer an authentic experience, allowing plants to express their full genetic potential without the modifications involved in creating feminized or autoflowering varieties. This purity is crucial for researchers and purists who seek to understand the nuances of cannabis cultivation at a genetic level.

Moreover, for those looking to explore the therapeutic potential of various cannabis strains, regular seeds provide a broader genetic palette. This diversity is particularly valuable for medicinal users and breeders who are looking to tailor their plants for specific cannabinoid profiles. The ability to work with and select from a wide range of genetics enables the cultivation of strains that may be better suited for particular medical conditions, enhancing the personalization of cannabis-based therapies.

If you live in the USA and in the states that allow buying cannabis seeds and growing marijuana start your cultivation journey with GanjaFarmer and grow with the best!

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