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High Yield Seeds

We present a collection of Indian hemp seeds with the highest yield. Very valuable specimens of recognized reputation may significantly increase their collector's value over time.

The diversity of cannabis strains is amazing. There are many types of strains available in the form of collector's seeds on the market. The situation is no different in our store. At Ganja Farmer, you will find various marijuana seeds that will surely enrich your collection.

Among the seeds from our assortment, there are also marijuana seeds that yield an XXL size. What does this mean? What lies behind this name? It's not hard to guess, but it's worth discussing a bit more about this type of seeds.
  • Critical + 2.0 Autoflower
    4.6 (132)

    Critical + 2.0 Autoflower

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  • Trainwreck Autoflower
    4.6 (71)

    Trainwreck Autoflower

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  • White Widow Fast Version
    4.8 (269)

    White Widow Fast Version

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  • Black Jack Feminized
    4.8 (66)

    Black Jack Feminized

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  • Critical F1 Feminized
    4.6 (89)

    Critical F1 Feminized

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  • Early Skunk Fast Version
    4.9 (684)

    Early Skunk Fast Version

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  • OG Kush Fast Version
    4.8 (346)

    OG Kush Fast Version

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  • Super Skunk Feminized
    4.8 (249)

    Super Skunk Feminized

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  • White Rhino Feminized
    4.9 (101)

    White Rhino Feminized

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  • AK47 Regular
    4.8 (26)

    AK47 Regular

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  • Northern Lights F1 Auto
    4.7 (7)

    Northern Lights F1 Auto

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  • Big Devil Autoflower 3+1 / 5+2
    5.0 (5)

    Big Devil Autoflower

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  • Red Devil Autoflower 3+1 / 5+2
    4.6 (18)

    Red Devil Autoflower

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  • Green Poison Feminized 3+1 / 5+2

    Green Poison Feminized

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  • Critical Kush Feminized
    4.8 (5)

    Critical Kush Feminized

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  • Moby Dick Feminized

    Moby Dick Feminized

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  • Pineapple Chunk Feminized
    5.0 (1)

    Pineapple Chunk Feminized

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  • Mazar Feminized

    Mazar Feminized

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  • Power Plant Feminized
    4.0 (2)

    Power Plant Feminized

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  • Think Different Autoflower
    5.0 (5)

    Think Different Autoflower

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  • Irish Cream Feminized

    Irish Cream Feminized

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  • Mazar x Blueberry Feminized

    Mazar x Blueberry Feminized

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  • Big Bud Feminized

    Big Bud Feminized

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Marijuana Seeds – High Yield – What Is It?

Growers or breeders from countries such as the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, some states in the USA, Portugal, or Denmark continue to outdo each other in creating new cannabis strains. Some of these strains turn out to be plants that give the grower an unprecedented amount of yield. For decades, breeders have carefully selected and crossed cannabis strains to achieve specific traits. One such trait is abundant yield.
Marijuana seeds that yield an XXL size are nothing else but seeds derived from such a selection of strains. Regardless of whether they are autoflowering, fast-flowering, or full-season varieties, they yield noticeably higher than their standard counterparts.

Of course, we are talking about the situation occurring in countries where cannabis cultivation is legal, where growers confirm a higher yield from this type of seeds. We, GanjaFarmer, however operate in Poland and emphasize that the seeds and seedlings from our assortment are intended solely for collection purposes. However, we know that every passionate seed collector should have at least one variety labeled as giving an High Yield!

Marijuana Seeds High Yield – What Seeds Do We Offer?

In our offer, you will find all types of seeds that (in countries where cultivation is legal) provide large yields. This category of seeds includes not only regular seeds but also seeds of autoflowering plants, full-season seeds, as well as so-called semi-automatics, i.e., seeds of photoperiod plants that flower quickly. All seeds available in this category are feminized. This means that in a country with legal cultivation, only female individuals grow from them, thus rich in active ingredients.
We also emphasize that the information provided is solely for informational purposes, and at GanjaFarmer, we sell seeds only to collectors, thus for collection purposes.

Just take a close look at the descriptions of the individual strains presented in this category of seeds to notice that the yields they provide growers in countries with legal cultivation are very, very large.

Autoflowering plant seeds sometimes give growers in the Netherlands up to a hundred grams from one bush, sometimes a bit more. The strains you will find in this category of our store can surprise even the most experienced growers from California or the Czech Republic with their generosity. We have seeds of autoflowering plants that can yield up to 250 grams of yield from one plant grown outdoors! That's a huge number for an automatic.

Full-season varieties are even more generous. The legendary Monster, which is primarily suited for outdoor conditions, is one of the most extraordinary. Many growers from Portugal, Spain, or Denmark report that under the right conditions, it can reward the grower with a yield approaching… – attention! – the border of three thousand grams! Three kilograms! That's a staggering number, but not surprising for a plant that can grow up to four meters!

We also emphasize that our assortment is intended exclusively for collectors and may only be used for collection purposes.

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