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Small Weed Plants

We present a collection of the shortest Cannabis strains, selected for their high collector's value. Compact, dense specimens with good genetics guarantee satisfaction.
  • Grapefruit Autoflower
    4.6 (136)

    Grapefruit Autoflower

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  • Afghan Autoflower
    4.9 (499)

    Afghan Autoflower

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  • Frosty Blue OG Feminized
    4.6 (323)

    Frosty Blue OG Feminized

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  • White Russian Fast Version
    4.9 (384)

    White Russian Fast Version

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  • Black Afghan Autoflower
    4.8 (70)

    Black Afghan Autoflower

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Low-growing marijuana strains have been, are, and most likely will remain valued varieties among many growers in countries with legal cultivation. In Poland, they are especially popular among avid seed and marijuana seed collectors. For this purpose—exclusively for collection purposes!—we sell seeds at GanjaFarmer.

We know that every passionate collector, not just beginners but also experienced ones, not just those with small collections but also those with many specimens, will certainly benefit from adding low-growing varieties to their collection. What exactly are low-growing marijuana strains? Are they only and exclusively autoflowering varieties?

Low-Growing Marijuana Strains – Mainly Automatics!

Every experienced grower knows that low-growing marijuana strains are primarily automatic flowering strains. Their growth is directly derived from genetics.
Any autoflowering variety will grow (in a country with legal cultivation) lower than its full-season or fast-flowering, but photoperiodic counterpart. Particularly low strains reach sizes of just a few dozen centimeters. From forty centimeters to a maximum of one meter, although such growth occurs relatively rarely.

You will also find seeds of low-growing marijuana strains at Ganja Farmer. We offer varieties such as:

Auto BlueBerry
Auto Afghan and Auto White Russian
Auto Blue Caramel
Auto Critical Speed
Cream Caramel Auto
These are just some of the varieties we have in our inventory. Among them are typical indicas, sativas, and all kinds of hybrids and strains with added genes from cannabis ruderalis, i.e., wild-growing hemp.

Automatically flowering plants are often referred to as "quick" by growers in Western countries. From seed to harvest, they usually need between 8 to 12 weeks, rarely exceeding these time frames!

Low-Growing Marijuana Strains – Only Automatics?

Among the seeds you will find in the category of low-growing marijuana strains, mainly automatics dominate. However, know that some full-season and fast-flowering varieties (which are also photoperiodic) do not grow very tall.
Typical examples of such plants are indica varieties. Indicas themselves are quite low, one might say, stocky cannabis varieties. They grow low but have thick, dense, and quite compact, thus resin-rich, buds. Full-season indicas also come in low versions that can easily be mistaken for automatics due to their not very impressive growth. The height of a plant in a country with legal cultivation is not synonymous with low yield, because the yield is quite plentiful.

Full-season sativa varieties are also interesting. Sativa itself grows quite tall, its leaves have long and slender fingers, and although the buds are not as dense and compact as those of indicas, they make up for it in length. Low varieties of full-season sativas grow to about one meter, sometimes exceeding this level, but not significantly, by a few or several centimeters.

Avid collectors will certainly gain by adding low-growing marijuana seed varieties to their collection. Unpretentiousness has many advantages because, as many collectors know—small is beautiful, even when it's not easily noticeable.

We invite you to browse the selection we have prepared for you. Here you will find very interesting marijuana varieties that are characterized by low growth. However, they are intended solely for collection purposes, but they should not be missing from your collection!

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