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American Beauty


2 seeds original packaging Available in 1-3 days  16,26 € 18,68 €
4 seeds original packaging Available in 1-3 days  31,48 € 36,18 €
8 seeds original packaging Available in 1-3 days  61,92 € 71,17 €

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Price: 16.25508
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Available: in 1-3 days


Seed type Seed type Feminized
Sex Sex Feminized (100% females)
Flowering type Flowering type Photoperiod
Indica or Sativa Indica or Sativa Indica / Sativa (Hybrid)
Flowering time Flowering time Medium (up to 10 weeks)
Height Height Medium
Yield Yield Very high
THC content THC content High (+15%)


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INFO ABOUT American Beauty FROM Dr Underground

American Beauty is a variety that was created from a cross between Plushberry x Black Cherry Soda. It is the perfect combination of the delicacy and the best Kush qualities of the famous Cinderella 99. A hardy plant with numerous branches. It produces beautiful, shaded buds full of sticky resin with a large main bud. Viable and mold resistant plant - great for beginner growers. Smell and taste, unique aroma and unique taste, taking the best of Kush strains. Subtle and long-lasting effects, the effect of the best relaxation and pleasantly euphoric stimulation. 

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