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Medi Bomb 1

Medi Bomb 1


5 seeds original packaging Available in 1-3 days  33,54 € 38,56 €
10 seeds original packaging Available in 1-3 days  61,83 € 71,06 €

Number of packs

Price: 33.54372
13% OFF

Available: in 1-3 days


Seed type Seed type Feminized
Sex Sex Feminized (100% females)
Flowering type Flowering type Photoperiod
Indica or Sativa Indica or Sativa Mostly Indica
Flowering time Flowering time Short (up to 8 weeks)
Height Height Short
Yield Yield High
THC content THC content High (+15%)


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INFO ABOUT Medi Bomb 1 FROM Bomb Seeds

A cross between Bomb #1 and a selected Dutch pharmaceutic strain. A medium/small-sized, compact and bushy plant – around 70-100 cm. Very productive. Dense, heavy buds covered in a thick layer of resin. High levels of CBD. A highly calming and soothing effect that relaxes the mind and muscles. Excellent for improving the quality of your sleep, as well as battling insomnia. A sweet and sour flavour and aroma. It is recommended to leave the plant in total darkness for the last few days in order to maximize resin production and achieve the best results.

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